Sunday, January 6, 2013

Borrowed this from Staci at Writing and Living
Status Report for January, 2013
Sitting… at the kitchen table.
Drinking…nothing.  Should probably have a glass of water.  Will most likely have milk before I go to bed.
Waiting…for the kitchen timer to go off, so I know to go check my blood glucose.
Recovering…from way too many holiday treats, late mornings, and lack of exercise.
Slowly…getting everyone moving off to bed.
Thankful…that I got most of the school stuff ready for next week, and all my science lab reports and tests graded.
Chagrined…I have fallen back into check FB way too often.
Reading…a Molly Murphy mystery by Rhys Bowen.  Not the most intellectual of pursuits, but I enjoy a good clean mystery.
Also reading…The Silver Chair by CS Lewis to the littles and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to the bigs.
Hearing…too much chatter, not enough getting ready for bed.  I guess I'd better get off the computer and go supervise!

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  1. Remember the Titans is awesome. I love that movie.


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