Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday on the Homestead

It has been a very nice, very relaxed week.  Nevin has spent the last two weekends deer hunting.  This is the last weekend of rifle season, so he is gone for a few more days.  So far Ben got one during youth season, and Nevin got three last weekend.  Our freezers are filling up!  We did some processing this week, and for those who don't get all squeamish over fresh meat, here are picks from our activities!

Nevin and Ben, hard at work.  They cut up the meat out here, I package and label it inside.

Everyone gets in on the project.
I love having a full freezer, and I especially love that we have done it all ourselves.  Looking forward to some good eating this winter!


  1. Chickens eat deer?!? I never would have guessed. You amaze me with your resourcefulness.

  2. Chickens eat just about anything. Chickens even eat chicken.


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