Friday, November 2, 2012

Reading Log for October, 2012

I only read three books this month - I am having a terrible time FINISHING any lately!

The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins - 2 - considered the first (and the longest) of the English detective novels.  Mr. Collins seems to have a cult following.  It took me two months to finish 500+ pages.  I had a hard time staying focused.  And....I knew who did it.

Hiss and Hers: An Agatha Raisin Mystery - M.C. Beaton - 4 - okay, so sue me, I liked this better.  Read it in about 24 hours.  Now, have to hold on a few months until the next Hamish Macbeth comes out, then another 11 months until we see Agatha again.

Contending: Defending the Faith in a Fallen World - Aaron Armstrong - 3 - pretty good.  Cruciform Press publishes short, to-the-point books on weighty subjects.  They have a subscription service, where you pay as each new book is published every other month.  So far I have thoroughly enjoyed them.  This was a little slower going for me that some of the others.

And that is IT.  I am planning to make up for it over Thanksgiving!

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  1. If I looked up your name on Facebook would I find you there? Ha! You've been missing in action over here and I think I know why!

    I'm stepping off the planet until December 21.

    I'll look forward to see what you've been reading when I'm back.



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