Friday, June 22, 2012

This Means War

This morning I went outside.  I fed all the cats.  I set the sprinkler on some flowers.  And then I walked over to the henhouse.  I let the chickens out, and then approached the huge Rubbermaid trashcans that we (used to) keep their food in.

This is the lid.  Note the big rock I put on the lid, to keep the raccoons from getting it off and eating the chicken food (did I mention that chicken food is really expensive?).  Not only did they tear open the lid, completely destroying it, but that stuff all over it is, yes, it is


Which was not my first choice of words, but this is a family site.

Be prepared.  The onslaught is about to begin.


  1. Admit, Belle, now they are really asking for it.

  2. Here's an update - last night I went to lock up the chickens and there was a POSSUM inside the can of chicken feed. I got Nevin. It a fun evening - both of us with flashlights, him with a shotgun, flushing it out. It got away into the woods.

    That is sort of like date night, here in the forest.

    We are moving the chicken feed into an unused henhouse. More inconvenient for the guy who feeds them, but since that isn't me, who cares? :) Hopefully we will get to feed it to the hens, instead of the wildlife!


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