Monday, June 18, 2012

The Rescue

Today Nevin had a hummingbird in the shop.  He opened the doors, chased it with long poles, shoo'ed it, trying to get it out, but it never looked down.  It just flew around near the ceiling for hours.

Finally, it was so exhausted it fell to the ground.  He brought it down to the house and we made up some sugar water for it.

Poor little thing was just laying there, eyes closed, not moving.

He had to dip its' beak into the water.  After a few tries, its' little forked tongue started flicking out to drink the water.

Once it started drinking, its' eyes opened and it began to move on its' own.

Look at the little guy - all perked up!  It really only took about 5 minutes.  After that it took off and flew up into a tree.


  1. Oh, wow! That is really cool. Glad the little guy was rescued and okay!

  2. I far prefer this post to that one where you shot that thing-majiggy in your chicken coop. Was it a weasel or something?

  3. It was a raccoon. Yes, this is much more pleasant. You get to see a pretty, ALIVE bird, as opposed to the ones that raccoons have slaughtered.

    We don't always kill the raccoons (though we should). The other night there were two babies on the front porch eating the cat food. They weren't a whole lot bigger than the kittens. They made little noises and were totally confused when Nevin went out on the porch, running in circles around his feet. We chased them off. I realize that this fall we will probably find them in the henhouse. Right now their parents have torn up the top of a huge Rubbermaid trash can and keep dumping it over, eating the (very expensive) chicken food.

  4. Granted they are nuisances. The Rescue just appeals to my romantic side. You have to do what you have to do and I respect that. ;-)

    There's plenty of death around here too. My cats seem to like bunny the best and we spend time cleaning up the skeletons and heads in the back yard (after we hear those awful squeals for help in the dark of the night).

  5. Hummingbird is definitely more romantic than dead raccoon.

    I had a cat who ate half a bunny, several times a week, and left the other half on the welcome mat. There is probably some sort of allegory in that.


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