Saturday, December 17, 2011

No More Facebook

I can't believe I did it.  But I did.  I deleted my Facebook account. 

Not just deactivated, but deleted.

I could no longer handle the drama.  I could no longer have such huge chunks of my time (in five minute increments, all day) being taken up.  I could no longer have a whole day shot thinking about other peoples' issues.  It felt like I had all these people with me, all the time. 

And if I wanted that, I guess I could live in a commune.

There are things I will miss.  I like seeing pictures, I like the ease of communicating with someone via chat or facebook message.  But, I can text, or send an email. 

Some of my closest friends, women that I admire greatly, are either not on facebook at all, or have accounts and just never use them.  And yet, they manage to run their homes and have time to minister to others. 

Here is when I knew it was a problem.  When I would get up in the morning and get my cup of coffee and check facebook on my phone before getting into the Word.  Instead of prayer, I would get on facebook. 

I put it before God.  That is an idol, folks.

I was then reading the Word, and posting verses from my ESV app onto Facebook.  That counts, doesn't it? 

I want to have time to read.  To pray.  I don't want to be so terribly concerned with what other people think.  I don't need to tell everyone what I am fixing for dinner.

I don't need to know what you are fixing, either.  Or what deodorant you just got a free sample of.  Or what politician you "Like" (does anyone really like any of them, anyway????).  None of that is offensive, it is just more than I need to know. 

FB won't actually and completely delete my account for 14 days.  If I go on and login and re-activate my account, it will all be back where I left it.

Right where I left off.

So now, like and addict, I must do it one day at a time.  For today, I will stay off Facebook. 

Okay, enough of this already!  Deep thoughts are good, navel gazing, not good.

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