Saturday, October 30, 2010

Laying about kind of weekend

I almost never have a "lazy" weekend - usually we have projects going on - if nothing else, there is always big housecleaning to do! But this weekend the big guys are deer hunting and the littles and I are just enjoying ourselves. Yesterday we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens on a homeschool field trip with 50 of our closest friends. Last night we ate White Castles for dinner (regrets, regrets!). Then we all curled up on comforters on the floor and watched movies. I finally got up and went to bed about midnight, they slept in the living room all night.

Today - more movies, I am going to switch out the closets, play on the internet, put together our menu for next month, plan my week...bake some cookies for the Fall Festival at Faith Baptist Church tomorrow night, prepare ourselves for worship at Bloomsdale Baptist Church in the morning..and pray for the guys to get a couple of deer! Our freezer is bare, we need to re-stock!

This morning the furnace kicked on - that just added to the whole "cozy at home" feeling. Looking forward to the rest of the day here in the forest!

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