Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saddle Up Your Horses......For the Great Adventure

I haven't blooged much, even though so much has been going on in our lives - I am not able to put into words what God is doing with us. Our family has been on such an incredible journey the last few months. We left our safe harbor and have voyaged out, and it has been amazing. Unsettling at times (most times!). Scary sometimes. Hard to figure out what to do with all my "mental free time" now that I am not focused on that anymore. But it is a wild adventure - we have met so many people, been sucked into worship and studying God's word and doctrine in a whole new way, re-committed to our original family goals that we made so long ago. Right now, I just feel like anything is possible, and hold on - the ride gets bumpy at times. The Holy Spirit is showing us things and leading us in directions I never imagined, and my hunger to read my Bible, and study doctrine, and learn from those who have gone before is just growing.

Life right now is like that Steven Curtis Chapman song:
"Saddle up your horses - we've got a trail to blaze!"

This is the great adventure!

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