Monday, June 28, 2010

The Other Side of Titus 2

In less than a week, I have enjoyed (sort of!) two different encounters that re-established to me that I middle age is here. Generally speaking, I don't dwell much on my age - I like to think I am doing pretty good, considering what I've been through! And, I had my children "late in life" (love that - when I was in my 30s). This means that as I participate in their activities, or host their friends at our home, I am generally with women who are younger than me. I still think I am 28 most days, so this seems to work fine.

This past week, however.....

Last week we were at a fellowship and I was enjoying a conversation with a young man, fresh out of college. We discovered that we had attended the same church, and lived in the same area. He said, "You went to Fox? Maybe you knew my mom!"

Of course, Nevin is laughing as I say, "Your mom? Don't you mean your older sister?" I then asked his age. Twenty-four. Sigh. "Okay, what's your mom's name?"

Then yesterday, we attended a fellowship meal at church. We had gotten the food all ready, the children seated and their plates ready. Then, as the ladies were getting ready to eat (I love it that the ladies get to fill their plates first) the pastor's wife turned to me and smiling, said, "Mrs. Koranda should go first because she is the elder woman."


Oh my, I was. Except for one senior lady (who did not stay for dinner) I WAS the elder woman. Granted, it is a very small church with only five other women, but I was the oldest. By two years.

Somebody get me my cane! I am wondering, too, if there is not something about potluck fellowships that is causing all this...

I was not so offended, however, as to refuse to go first at the buffet. No need to take too defensive a stand.

So, suddenly it occurs to me that I am, more and more, in the position of being the older woman. The Titus 2 woman. I have a responsibility to the younger women. Even though my chilren are still young, I do have some life experience. I have graduated college, held jobs, been married for 15 years, established a home, birthed four sons, gotten two of those sons into their double-digit years, homeschooled for eight years, raised some chickens, processed some deer, own a business with my husband....

And I think that I am holding up very well, especially considering what I have been through!

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