Friday, September 7, 2012

Status Report: September

Sitting…on the couch.
Eating…nothing right now - ate a Weight Watchers ice cream a little while ago.  Might have another soon.
Plugging…a couple Diabetes blogs I am following, Sweet Success: My Life With Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetes Mine - check both these ladies out!
Adjusting…to living with Type 2 Diabetes, and getting back into the full swing of school this week - including our science co-op!
Thankful…for so many things, especially our home-based life right now.  We have cut out a lot of running and "busy" and I am being very selective in what makes me leave the house.    I love having Nevin home, and love being with the boys.  
Missing…ordering tickets for the student programs at Powell Symphony Hall this year.  One of the things that got cut.  I will miss it.  The boys won't.  
Wishing…that Nevin would get home from his installation before the thunderstorms hit.
Preparing….a pot roast.  Also having a green bean casserole I found on Pinterest.  Where you can follow me, by the way.
Anticipating…A whole day tomorrow to get some cleaning and organizing done; Sunday worship with my church family, and then an afternoon and evening of rest with Nevin and the boys.  Also eagerly anticipating True Woman 2012 in less than two weeks!
Thinking…about 1 John 1 that we read together this morning.  If we are in the light, and have fellowship with Christ, we are no longer in darkness.  So how come sometimes we still act like we are in the dark???
Noticing…that many people really don't understand Type 2 Diabetes, and that includes people who have it and primary care doctors.  
Reading…The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and having a hard time getting into it.  
Realizing…that these piles of folded clothes are not going to put themselves away.


  1. What is not to like about Moonstone, Miss Paula?

  2. I am up to page 86. It is just hard to get into. I am sure I will be a Moonie soon, just a few more pages....


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