Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reading Log, July 2011

Short list - but Bonhoeffer was almost 600 pages, and you had to read it slowly!

47. The Cross-Centered Life – 4- C.J. Mahanney – very short book, sort of devotional – just about keeping the gospel, Christ, the cross central to our lives.

48. Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – 4.5 – Eric Metaxes – long book, hard at times. I didn’t know much about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, beyond that he’d been martyred by the Nazis. Incredible theologian, incredible faith and courage.

49. A Heart for Home: Home to Blessing #4 – 4 – Lauraine Snelling – book 3 in this series, which is one of three spin-offs from The Red River series. I enjoyed it, it was a simple historical, very light romance. After Bonhoeffer and the horrors of the Nazis it was nice to go to Blessing, North Dakota and visit with Ingeborg, Astrid and the rest of the Bjorkland clan.

50. Jesus, Made in America: A Cultural History From the Puritans to The Passion of the Christ – 4 – Stephen J. Nichols – saw this in Tabletalk Magazine (RC Sproul). Excellent, a history of how American culture has shaped Christ – the Puritan views, the Founding Fathers, the frontier and Victorians, up to the Jesus People, CCM, The Passion of the Christ and the retailing of Jesus. Very interesting and convicting.

(note – I know I read something else between the CJ Mahanney book and Bonhoeffer, and cannot for the life of me remember what it was! It seemed like it was something light, that I enjoyed, though….)


  1. Jesus Made in America sounds very interesting. You have a great list here. I made it to page 50 in the Bonhoeffer book. I intend to pick it up again at some point, though.

  2. Jesus Made In America is something I would like to read very much. Is it really intellectual or made for the regular reader?

  3. I don't have anything great to offer up this month but I just visited my cousin - who is my in-real-life Paula and she just gave me Corolla Dunn, Delia Parr, Maggie Sefton, Beth Wiseman, Marta Perry as good authors... if you're looking for something.

  4. Jesus Made in America is what I would call "intermediate" - the first chapter, especially (Puritan Christology) is slow-going, but the rest moves quickly. Interesting note - in the section about commercialism, the author specifically lists Oriental Trading Company and their Holy Family rubber ducky set (Christmas!). I had linked that exact item to a post on the Sonlight Forum a few years ago, in Lifelong Learners. And, for the same reasons as the author - mainly, that I was apalled. I was even first discouraged by some of the remarks from the SLers - approving of it. Anyway......!

  5. It's time to post your August reads!


  6. I will do this today - how can another month go by so fast!


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