Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barely able to think, let alone blog

Yep, that is me right now!  It has been a crazy-wonderful month.  As we are moving on the next stage of the adventure in our family, I am excited, scared, tired.....!  All of the above!

I would say my husband has been working like a mad man to finish his new building and clean out the building we've owned for fifteen years - BUT - he does not work as one who is mad.  He is deliberate in what he is doing, and he has a plan, and he executes it.  In the midst of his exhaustion he is not yelling or frantic.

Me, on the other hand.....

My mind is going 14 different directions.  Needless to say, we are on Spring Break from school this week.  Boy, am I glad I saved that break! Sorting, hauling, organizing, making phone calls, plus the regular things of life (many of which are on hold right now!) is exciting - life is somewhat crazy - life is what it is, it is what God gives us, we do with it what we can, through His providence.

I keep telling myself that.

On one hand, I see God's work, so many pieces coming together.  On the other, I try to control and begin to panic about the things that are outside of my control.

Yesterday I was cleaning out a cabinet at the shop and found some old coffee cups.  One of them showed a picture very similar to this, same caption, different cat.

Yep, yep, yep.

I may make the effort to post my book reviews and reading log for April today, but don't count on it.  That is sounding like a Saturday project here!

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  1. The cat is hilarious. Your new venture is exciting. Congratulations.


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