Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It is all in the details

Like my friend Sara over at Knittingprose (check out this blog) I have had good intentions, but been too busy lately to blog.  So, also like Sara, I think I will just do a bit of catch-up today!

Earlier this month my friend Angel and I went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Memphis, Tennessee.  Had a wonderful time - ate peanut butter and banana pancakes at The Blue Plate Cafe, rode a trolley, heard some incredible speakers, got to meet one of my best friends in-real-life for the first time, and oh yes, I bought some books!   Made it home with some chess workbooks and dvds, Elections by Notgrass Company, Apologia General Science, stocked up on my Rod and Staff spelling, BJU grammar and Singapore math workbooks, and picked up a few books just for fun.

Since then, we have been busy building a new building/garage on our property.  Okay, Nevin has been busy.  I don't do any of the actual work, but I think about it a lot, if that counts for anything.  And I do try to be encouraging!  Been to a few fellowships and prayer meetings, a few homeschool group gatherings and field trips, run the normal errands.  My red hens have finally started laying, and are popping out brown eggs with a vengance.  Our next door neighbors have moved, but the new neighbors have not moved in yet.  I am nearly breathless with anticipation - our old neighbors were good neighbors - quiet, took good care of the yard, we worked together to maintain our common road.  We were never what you'd call "friends", though.  So now, new people - will they be nice?  Will they have kids our kids' age?  Will there be blessings or problems?  Is it okay to pray for a homeschooling family of well-behaved boys?  Anyway, the Lord will put next to us who is supposed to be next to us, and it is probably to my benefit that I DON'T have any input in that!

Today I slept in a bit, and the kids are up, dressed and fed.  They are taking their schoolwork to Grandma's this afternoon, and I am going to the shop and to run a few errands.  Nothing earth-shattering.  The weather is nice, and I am praying that the rain will hold off for.....a month or so!  I have the last birthday for a while this week - my Joe turns 8 on Friday.  He has requested a cake from Walmart.  What is with these kids, anyway???? 

All is right with the world. 


  1. I'm so jealous of your brown egg producing hens! I think that's marvelous! I hope you get GREAT new neighbors!

  2. I just bet I know who you met in Memphis for the first time! Can't we all still meet up at Laura's house though?


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