Friday, May 22, 2009

People, get along already!

I had sort of an eye-opening thought (for me, at least). Tuesday morning I got up and was perusing my inbox. And there was an email from Worldview Weekend/Brannon Howse about the dangers of the Emergent Church, etc. And I looked at it and I got so disgusted and deleted it. With all the horrible things that are going on in the world, with the socialist direction Obama has taken our country (I am having to work on this - I have found I truly hate Obama. When I see his picture I almost foam at the mouth I am so mad. Probably not a great testimony), with Iran with nukes and the CIA unable to interogate, with them wanting to take my SUBURBAN (14.5 mpg, baby!) and make me wedge my kids into a golf cart.....when I think of how our kids are not going to have the world we have.......

Who the HECK cares about the Emergent Church and WHY are we fighting each other!!!! I am SO GLAD that ANYONE out there cares enough to start a church!!! I am just FED UP with the people that have to keep us upset at others (all in the name of Christ, of course) and fighting within ourselves when there is a BIG enemy (I mean Satan, not Obama, though the edges are blurring.......) out there trying to destroy us.

Okay, that was my rant.


  1. I posted a video on my blog, and I know you have dial up, but it called Stop Shooting Christians. His point is in the sermon is, we need to be united as Christians dispite our differences and love one another and if we have an issue with a fellow Christian take up with them in private, don't go to the media and send out nasty emails etc.

  2. Okay that last comment was by me incase it doesn't say. I wasn't signed in to my account.


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