Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lord, please keep me a Kindergartener

I have discovered the WHY of "Why I love teaching kindergarten Sunday School". I started teaching last October, and have "re-upped" for the next year.

When my kindergarteners show up they are smiling. They are happy to see us, and they are looking forward to what we have planned. They color pictures, make a craft, work on memorizing scripture, sing songs, listen to the story and ask lots and lots of questions.

We get to spend a whole hour together talking about how God created us, God loves us, Jesus takes care of us, Jesus is so powerful He can heal the sick and raise the dead. That He died for our sins and rose again and has prepared a place for us!

During the precious time we have together, my kindergarteners do not complain about the pastor or staff, the sermon, the tidiness of the restrooms, the choice of music the soloist performed, whether or not anything was spelled wrong in the bulletin, if the coffee is too strong/weak, or any of the upcoming activities. Our time is PRECIOUS. We can never get through, in only one hour, the things we want to do and say and learn.

They seem to assume that we, their teachers, have only their best interests at heart, and they follow our lead without second-guessing, debating, or whispering amongst themselves about our true motives. Believe me, we are not seeking fame, glory or power through teaching kindergarten. This is a labor of love, and they seem to sense that.

Kindergarteners are not perfect, of course. They are at the stage where they need help with nose blows. There are some Sundays when I have just about hand-sanitized myself to my armpits, I've wiped so many noses.

But they are so doggone grateful for someone to help them with their noses. They are almost like.......new Christians. Would that we could all hang on to that feeling in our lives and hearts, that time of it all being "new" - the wonder of discovering the love of Christ for the first time.

We can't get to "new" again - and some of us are pretty old. But spend some time with the little ones......you get the same kind of feeling in your heart.

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